For the fifth year running, Metalcastello, in collaboration with the DiRE Press Agency, has put on the event called "They will be virtuous”, dedicated to middle school students in our Apennines, at the sports centre in Lizzano in Belvedere. Almost 150 children took part in the final act of a project that began in the autumn with a series of meetings and challenges in the various classes of the schools of Porretta Terme, Gaggio Montano, Castel di Casio, Castel d'Aiano and Lizzano in Belvedere, culminating in the prize-winning ceremony of a competition in which 29 works were presented, the result of curiosity, passion and teamwork.

"The value that emerges from this initiative is the ability to work in a team", explained Stefano Scutigliani, CEO of Metalcastello,"together with the commitment and communicative strength of these youngsters. Our territory has excellent potential, which must be cultivated and allowed to express itself. Kids teach us to see the world with new eyes, with a passion that adults have often lost along the way. Today they presented works that are full of imagination and above all useful, showing that they know how to think with their own heads, without being influenced by others. This makes me optimistic when I think about the future".

The competition, which gave students ten days to develop their creations, awarded 500 euro to the concept of a danger prevention vehicle, equipped with a set of wheels able to transform according to the weather: a project conceived and created by Sofia Dessì, Jihane Ennaji, Gaia Agostini and Elisabetta Sela from the 2nd A Class of the Comprehensive Institute of Porretta Terme. A contribution of 300 euro went to the second-placed works, the fridge of the future that moves on its own, dedicated to people with fragility and movement difficulties a project conceived and created by Ginevra Cioci, and a life saving watch, by Myriam Barreta which raises the alarm in the event of violence or aggression. Both from the 3rd A Class of the "Salvo D'Acquisto" Institute of Gaggio MontanoWhile 200 euro were awarded to a gear system that prevents the bike chain from falling off, a project conceived and created by Fabio Migalloand a mechanical nutcracker  by Matteo Mini and Leonardo Pucci all  from the 3rd B Class of the "Salvo D'Acquisto" Institute of Gaggio Montano.

"Once again", Scutigliani concluded, "we try to nurture technical culture in schools and the importance of values such as collaboration, discussion and technical knowledge. Dispelling the clichés linked to factory work, which is no longer smoke and assembly lines, but automation, robotics and hi-tech, requiring transversal skills and creativity. Since we began this virtuous path, enrolments at the local technical institute have tripled and the quality of pupils has increased significantly, judging by the number of them who graduated with 100 cum laude at the end of the last school year. With youngsters of this calibre, the future is bright."

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