It was a meeting full of different topics and suggestions, the one coordinated this morning by the Dire Agency and Metalcastello, who re-proposed the initiative "Saranno virtuosi" in a very special 2020 edition, with the face-to-face turned into a remote session in compliance with the anti-Covid 19 distancing rules, between students of two middle schools - the Antonio Giuriolo Institute of Porretta Terme and the Salvo D'Acquisto of Gaggio Montano - and the CEO of Metalcastello, Stefano Scutigliani.

Moderated by Mattia Cecchini, a journalist from Dire, the initiative was based on the questions and observations of the students, comparing the world of school with that of the factory, understood in the most modern sense of the term. What do you learn in the workplace, and what do you need to study to get into it? Above all, what is meant by "technical culture"?

“This term is synonymous with progress - explained Scutigliani. Technical culture is the future, what our eyes do not yet see. To understand it, we must always try to “go beyond”, to be creative and use our imagination. You boys and girls can do it, because this future starts with you.”

The students' curiosity led them to search for an explanation of the concept of "technical culture", and for the modern definition of the idea of "factory".

“The factory is what we can touch, but it is also what we can't see” explained Scutigliani. “You have to try to be curious, and school has to teach you that. The factory is also “machines that fly”, and the future lies within your minds. We have to dream, and then bring our dreams to fulfilment. The future will be made up of people working on a remote basis, moving increasingly complex machines without having to touch them. For this reason, the bases of a good technical culture are Italian and mathematics. Just think of Leonardo Da Vinci: he was an artist, a painter, a musician, a sculptor and a mathematician. Above all, he was a thinker who was able to imagine things. Then he believed that he could make his dreams come true. Our increasingly technological future will need open-minded thinkers more than ever before.”

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