Metalcastello together with ANT for the prevention of breast cancer


36 prevention visits available to the citizens of the Municipalities of Castel di Casio and Porretta Terme

 On the occasion of Women's Day, 8th March, Metalcastello chooses to support for the second and consecutive year, Fondazione ANT Italia ONLUS in the fight against cancer: this time extending to the female community of Castel di Casio and Porretta Terme, the opportunity to access free visits for early diagnosis of mammary neoplasms. The initiative, which last year was dedicated to employees, as for a broader corporate welfare program of Metalcastello, will therefore be extended free of charge to the citizens. Metalcastello in fact will offer 36 free checks by the ANT doctors on board of their Mobile Clinic, which will be present in the squares of the two towns next June. 

Stefano Scutigliani, CEO of Metalcastello, commented: "A concrete project for the community which has hosted us since the company was founded, to demonstrate our closeness to the territory and focus on the prevention of female tumors" - and continues - "Last year we strongly wanted to start this journey with ANT, involving our employees who enthusiastically embraced this initiative. In the company more than 20% of our staff are women, an important percentage in a sector - as the precision engineering one - historically composed strongly by male. This year we decided to extend the project to the whole community, thanks to the support of the two municipalities and the precious collaboration of ANT ".

“The commitment made by ANT in the field of cancer prevention has always been very strong "- added Raffaella Pannuti, president of Fondazione ANT -" so far, thanks to donations and support from individuals and companies, we have provided over 170,000 thousand specialist visits and diagnostic checks, offering a particularly valuable service nowadays in which many citizens are forced to cut the costs for basic care. In this context, the collaboration of ANT with virtuous companies like Metalcastello is tighter who choose to take care of the well-being of their collaborators and the communities in which they operate ".

Elena Gaggioli, Deputy Mayor of Alto Reno Terme, said: "Attention to women's health is an important element in achieving substantial equality in the workplace. I really appreciate the initiative of Metalcastello in this sense, which demonstrates awareness and a sense of responsibility towards such an important and delicate topic".

Mauro Brunetti, Mayor of Castel di Casio, commented: "As always Metalcastello is a good example: this time in a topic as important as the one of prevention and health of women. We are very grateful and as far as we are concerned we will collaborate ".

Breast cancer is the most frequent neoplasia in the female population: 1 in 8 women will be affected by this disease during their lifetime. Exceptional under 20 years, rare between 20 and 29 years, becomes more frequent after 30 years and reaches the maximum incidence between 45 and 60 years, showing a relative increase with the progress of age. It represents 29% of cancer deaths before age 50.

The early diagnosis of breast cancer aims to intercept the disease in its preclinical phase, before the appearance of obvious signs and symptoms and it is for this reason that it is essential to periodically undergo specialist and instrumental clinical controls, indicated on the basis of age and / or needs of the case.

The diagnostic procedure, promoted by the ANT Foundation in the field of senology on the mobile clinic, provides for women under 45 medical examination in association with to breast sonogram, while digital mammography is planned for women over 45.

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