At this moment of difficulty and emergency, in which every gesture of solidarity is a step towards victory in this hard battle against the spread of Covid-19, Metalcastello has chosen to do its bit with concrete gestures in favour of the community to which it belongs. With a very deep feeling of belonging.

The Company has therefore contributed, together with the Lyons Club Porretta Terme-Alto Reno, towards the donation of a pulmonary ventilator to the Porretta Hospital. Equipment that has been installed temporarily at the Bellaria Hospital, a facility that is currently being used to treat patients with Covid-19.
Due to the temporary shutdown of production, Metalcastello has also donated a significant supply of PPE, which had been sent by our Chinese partner eKontrol GmbH for the protection of our employees, to two non-profit associations that are operating in these days of emergency, namely the ANT Italia Foundation and the Santa Clelia Barbieri Foundation.

"All together, we are fighting a battle that concerns the future of the world" commented Stefano Scutigliani, CEO of Metalcastello. "Never before have concrete gestures of solidarity been needed, which in our case we have addressed to the territory where we were born and raised, where we have always celebrated our successes and faced up to our challenges. Together, we will overcome this invisible enemy and resume the path of normality."

Camilla Insardà, Chairwoman of the Lyons Club Porretta Terme-Alto Reno, added “In this coronavirus emergency, the Lyons Club is trying to be present wherever it is needed, throughout the country. At a district level, we have intervened to support an area that is close to us, fund-raising with the help of local companies. We managed to donate a pulmonary ventilator to the Porretta Hospital, which for the moment is being used at the Covid-19 centre in Bellaria. We would like to thank Metalcastello for the generosity that it showed in helping us with this effort, allowing us to achieve our goal faster than we would have otherwise."

"I sincerely thank Metalcastello for their precious gift," says Raffaella Pannuti, Chairwoman of ANT Italia Onlus Foundation. “The masks that we have received are fundamental for the daily commitment being made by our staff. We hope to resume our normal activities as soon as possible, overcoming this time of suffering."

From the Santa Clelia Barbieri Foundation comes "The most heartfelt gratitude for the gesture of support given to us by Metalcastello. An act that for all of us, engaged in this difficult moment of emergency, represents not only a concrete help, but also a sign of great sensitivity and attention to the people we take care of and to the fantastic work being done by our staff."

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