Even in these delicate and difficult times, with all activities in Italy trying to start up again, burdened with doubts about the development of the pandemic which has not yet been eradicated, Metalcastello is still determined to continue down the path of research and development. It does so with the fundamental support and participation of the University of Bologna and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, with which it has a long-standing relationship of collaboration and dialogue.

The agreement with the faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Bologna has been ratified with a view to implementing the research and development division of Metalcastello and Somaschini, the pride and joy of the Gears Division of the CIE Automotive group, which brings together some of the world's excellences in the field of gear design and manufacturing.

The goal is to develop the production of gears and transmissions for electric vehicles, through close collaboration with researchers in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Advanced Engineering Sciences. A PhD student will develop his research doctorate through a combination of physical presence in the company and laboratory activities, including external ones.

An undergraduate of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, who is doing a master's degree in Vehicle Engineering, began his internship with the company this week.

He will undertake a six-month internship at Metalcastello combining physical presence and remote working. The aim of the initiative is to provide students with broader skills, making them aware of the operations of manufacturing companies through practice and an initial entry into the world of work. The young undergraduate will participate in the TPM project (Total Productive Management) applied to production plants.

Lastly, the Faculty of Mechatronics, a new work-oriented three-year degree course born from the collaboration between the University of Bologna and Unindustria, sees the presence of Metalcastello in the Technical Committee for the development of study curricula. The curricular objectives of the course are to train qualified multi-skilled technicians by studying technical disciplines with a view to gaining an adequate knowledge of the various production processes. For this reason, at the beginning of 2021 Metalcastello's doors will open to an undergraduate in his third and final year for a period of internship with the company.

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