The new website of Metalcastello is now online complete with a restricted area dedicated to corporate stakeholders


The new website of Metalcastello S.p.A., the world leader company in the production of gears for mechanical transmissions, is now online  with a complete user experience in terms of information and web surfing, optimized and usable by any device.

In particular, special attention has been paid to the construction and implementation of the restricted area, which allows the company to interact in real-time with its three main stakeholders: employees, suppliers and press.

The employees of Metalcastello will be able -through the company website - to be updated in real-time about internal news and events; to request holidays and permits; to access to online upgrade courses as well as to enter the renewed Welfare Platform and join the wide range of benefits offered in different fields from education (tuition fees, university tuition, textbooks, school transport services, language courses, trips or other initiatives part of the Plans of educational offer, etc.), to recreation (courses of music, theatre, dance, etc.), social assistance (babysitting services), sanitary (reimbursement of medical expenses) and much more.

The restricted area for suppliers will be an innovative tool: suppliers will be able to access data, to get into technical documentation and upgrades; moreover, they will be able to view Key Performance Indicators (KPI) related to their performance summarized in a single index, called Global supplier Rating.

Finally, the journalists that - with a private password- will have access to content and images dedicated to the company and management.

The Managing Director, Stefano Scutigliani
, commented: "Another part to add to the path of constant innovation of our company, projected more and more towards digitization to streamline processes and act in real-time."

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