The link between Metalcastello and the "Montessori-Da Vinci" Institute of Higher Education in Porretta Terme is renewed and strengthened. The occasion is the usual delivery of the "Metalcastello Award for the best school average in mechatronics", which this year highlighted quality, talent and dedication to the study of fourteen students of the mechatronics of third classes, fourth and fifths of the institute, particularly distinguished in the last school season.

These guys have the merit of building a path of study following three basic concepts", commented Stefano Scutigliani: Excellence, memory for the past and passion for the future. Excellence allows us to turn dreams into reality, memory helps us to understand where we come from. On the passion for the future we have built the foundations of our company path: you can not go to work if you do not have fun, because precisely from the fun comes the passion, which is the spring to evolve».

«Pursuing excellence is never easy», said Elena Gaggioli «these guys have a great chance: to approach the world with recognized skills, to put them at the service of themselves but also of others. Just as Metalcastello does, putting corporate social responsibility in the foreground»

«We consider it important to value excellence», concluded Professor Luisa Macario, «not only to emphasize what these young people have achieved with their commitment, but also and above all to help them become women and men of tomorrow, which is the most important thing.».

The annual event, a moment of celebration for the children of the Institute, ended with a novelty: the recognition of the school commitment lavished by some students-workers of the evening classes. «Those who dedicate their time out of work», concluded Scutigliani, «to personal growth and study, always looking for new goals, deserves the utmost respect».

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