For employees and citizens, 80 medical visits for early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Next Father's Day,
preventive visits for testicular cancer will also be available.

Metalcastello in Castel di Casio - flagship of the CIE Automotive group, which brings together some of the world's excellences in the field of design and manufacturing of precision gears - has chosen a very special gift to honour Women's Day.

As has become tradition, for Women's Day Metalcastello has chosen to join up with Fondazione ANT Italia ONLUS in the fight against cancer, offering a total of 80 free breast cancer prevention visits to employees and citizens of the area.

The project, conceived from the point of view of corporate social responsibility and impact on the local area, goes beyond the celebration of 8 March; and come the next Father's Day, it also foresees a programme of 48 visits for men dedicated to early diagnosis of testicular cancer. Just as for women, for whom breast and gynaecological examinations have become routine, for men a testicular examination with scrotal ultrasound is very important to identify any suspect lesions before it is too late, so as to intervene in a timely and effective manner without consequences.

Breast cancer is the most frequent neoplasm in the female population: 1 in 8 women will be affected by this disease in their lifetime. Exceptional under the age of 20, rare between the ages of 20 and 29, it becomes more frequent after the age of 30 and reaches its apex between the ages of 45 and 60, showing a certain increase with age. It represents 29% of cancer deaths before the age of 50.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer aims at intercepting the disease at its preclinical stage, i.e. before the appearance of evident signs and symptoms and it is for this reason that it is essential to undergo specialist and instrumental clinical checks periodically, according to one's age or needs.

Free breast checks will be carried out by ANT professionals in the Medical Room at Metalcastello (via Don Fornasini, 12 Loc. Ai Prati in Castel di Casio) and will be available for all Metalcastello workers who request it by booking a visit; given the duration of the initiative for the prevention of breast cancer, which will last for four days, it will also be possible to involve 40 women resident in the area.


It will be possible to book from 9 March by calling the telephone number 051-7190170 (Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Testicular cancer is a rare neoplasm which in Italy affects between 1,600 and 1,800 people every year, most frequently for men in the 15-40 age group. It is also important to emphasise that this particular pathology has a very high cure rate which in the first stage (i.e. disease limited to the testicle) applies to almost 99-100% of cases and in the second stage (i.e. also involving the lymph nodes of the abdomen) reaches well over 90% (see Testicular Cancer. Information for patients - AIOM Foundation, June 2020).

The ANT Foundation's Testicle Project provides for testicular examinations with scrotal ultrasound in men from 18 to 40 years of age. The goal is early diagnosis of suspect lesions, making it possible to intervene in the most appropriate and timely manner possible. The prevention visits offered by the Foundation are carried out by specialist radiologists and urologists of the ANT Oncological Prevention Unit.

Checks for early testicular cancer detection will be made available to company employees later in March.

“We are very proud to be working alongside ANT once again in this initiative - explains Stefano Scutigliani, CEO of Metalcastello - for our company it also means being attentive to the reality of the local area where it developed its business, and certainly not since yesterday: in 2022 Metalcastello celebrates its first seventy years, and it has grown without ever abandoning its roots. This is why it is important to meet the needs of the community, including the most needy, trying to support the territory in its vicissitudes, not only economic, but also social."

"I have always considered extremely valuable the oncological prevention that we have been offering free to citizens for over 15 years - comments Raffaella Pannuti, president of the ANT Foundation -also thanks to the support and triangulation with private partners and virtuous companies such as Metalcastello which choose to look after the well-being of their staff and citizens of the communities in which they operate. These activities are all the more necessary at a time like the one we are experiencing today, in which the Covid-19 epidemic has forcibly overshadowed many pathologies and I fear we will see a relapse, in all its gravity, in the next future.


The project enjoys the patronage and collaboration of the Municipality of Castel di Casio, Alto Reno Terme and of the local educational institution.


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