Metalcastello’s path towards a smart, digitalized and hyper-connected factory was the protagonist of the Business Event "Digital Operational Excellence 4.0: Metalcastello, an example of Smart Manufacturing success" held within the Digital and Sustainable Factory of the MADE Competence Center Industry 4.0 in Milan.

Metalcastello has chosen QUIN as a partner to achieve an ambitious goal: digitization and innovation of its processes. Effectively managing a highly customized and discontinuous demand was the main challenge for the company, which decided to focus on competitiveness through real-time control of processes, from supply chain to logistics, and through automatic and shared KPIs able to provide the company with a constantly updated view of the stocks of the WIP and the finished product.

Stefano Scutigliani, CEO of Metalcastello, explains the reasons for the path taken: We are the fourth generation of men and women who with their know-how and their perseverance have led this company to be the undisputed leader in its sector. We realized that the only way to answer to the thousand changes of the question and to be competitive, is to have a control in real time of all the processes, from the supply chain to the logistics, realizing a full integration with the system of management of factory. That’s why we decided to embark on a path of digital transformation based on a hyperconnected factory, able to synchronize and harmonize the entire value chain».

The solutions implemented have made it possible to speed up operations and improve Metalcastello’s "time to market". Today the company has managed to digitize almost all of its internal processes and is working to achieve a fully integrated and digitalized supply chain, that will allow it to face the challenges of the market as the world leader in the sector and to realize a successful model of Digital Operational Excellence 4.0.

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