Metalcastello and Gleason: a winning partnership


Italian manufacturer Metalcastello, world leader in the production of gear for mechanical transmissions found in earth-moving equipment, farm tractors, industrial vehicles and naval applications, made a winning investment in the new Gleason Power Skiving technology.

Thanks to the new Gleason 600PS Power Skiving Machines, Metalcastello has notably increased its productivity and will be able to satisfy the growing demands of the global heavy construction equipment and agriculture vehicle markets.

Metalcastello was able to see first-hand the great potential of the Gleason Power Skiving process in terms of productivity and quality gains during a trial machining at the Gleason facility in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Today, Metalcastello relies on both the Gleason shaping machines previously used and the new PS machines, which are used to do most I not all the gears for the planetary gear systems for transmissions.

The implementation of the Power Skiving Machines has resulted in reduced non-productive time and Metalcastello is now starting to use the PS machines to perform Hard Power Skiving – an economical hard finishing alternative to finish grinding, thus realizing fine finishing benefits without additional investment in grinding machines.

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