Yesterday, Vincenzo Colla, Councillor for Economic Development and Green Economy, Employment and Training of the Emilia Romagna Region made a particularly welcome visit to Metalcastello's historical plant in Castel di Casio. After a factory tour, Colla spent time with Metalcastello's top management to analyse the current scenario and future prospects of the sector and entrepreneurship in the area, with particular attention to enhancing the creativity and productivity of the Apennine area.The visit was attended by representatives of the civil, military and school authorities and social partners, as testimony to Metalcastello's involvement in a virtuous path that unites both public and private sectors.

"It was a fantastic morning", commented Councillor Colla. "Within these walls I found a huge amount of technology and digitization, a surprising level of excellence that you have been able to develop in this area and that distinguishes this company. You have been able to create an innovative methodology, not only in terms of the product and the process, but also in terms of your involvement of the public and private sectors, schools and social partners.I strongly believe that business enterprise must be encouraged in mountainous areas like this, because here there is quality and welfare. You are an example of great quality and quantity, and passion plays a key role in this as well. You produce fundamental items for international companies and it is here that they find the soul of their products. Emilia Romagna is not a region of mass products, but of niche products, those that no one else is able to make. In our region we are able to survive in this world because here there is total competence, as well as a strong attachment to the enterprise. Furthermore, here public and private sectors recognize each other upstream, not downstream. Companies, institutions and schools collaborate. The strength of this territory is priceless, and you are an example of it: you have all the characteristics to participate in the tenders that the Region will set up for new projects and ideas. Your commitment to education, which is the first step towards eliminating inequality, is commendable".

"Many thanks to Councillor Colla for coming here today", replied Stefano Scutigliani, chief executive officer of Metalcastello and chairman of the Machinery Supply Chain of Confindustria Emilia. "In recent years, our company has received visits from the Mayor of Bologna, the president of the Emilia Romagna Region and the Rector of the Alma Mater Studiorum, the University of Bologna. This is yet another acknowledgement of the merit that we have acquired as a company. Metalcastello is one of the founders of Club Pro, an entrepreneurial group that works in concert with the Metropolitan City of Bologna to revive investments: we have always believed in the combination of public and private, taking every decision democratically and involving the institutions in our projects."

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