That of Thursday, June 1, was another special day for Metalcastello: the company of Castel di Casio has in fact received the welcome visit of the Consul General at the Consulate of the United States of America in Florence, Dr Ragini Gupta, welcomed by CEO Stefano Scutigliani as part of a short tour among the entrepreneurial excellence of the territory organized by the Porretta Alto Reno Lions Club, of which Scutigliani himself is President.
«I thank the Consul», Scutigliani comments, «for this meeting that offers us the opportunity to show her a territory that she has already had the opportunity to know and appreciate. As President of the Machinery Sector of Confindustria Emilia Centro, I can say that the Rhine Valley is a flagship of Emilia-Romagna, a region characterized by the entrepreneurial excellence of its "valleys". The presence of Dr Gupta is the tangible sign of her interest in this reality in which associations, spirit of sacrifice, creativity and volunteering guide the choices and paths of an entire community».
The important meeting was attended by the mayor of Castel di Casio, Marco Aldrovandi.

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