“Today a dream of mine has come true! I am delighted to see schools, local government, voluntary associations and businesses all united, working together in a positive way for the excellence of our territory. Yes indeed, this is the world that I was dreaming of and today it has come true right here. These boys and girls are its symbol. You will be the mainstays of our mountains, of our territory and of Italy in general".
These are the words that Stefano Scutigliani, CEO of Metalcastello, addressed at the ceremony for the award of the Metalcastello Scholarships for the academic year 2019-2020, assigned to the students of the IIS Montessori-Da Vinci of Porretta, who distinguished themselves in the field of Mechatronics.

Moments of great emotion, yesterday morning, in the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Alto Reno Terme, even if "at a distance", because the diplomas and awards to students (Sara Nasci and Andrea Toninelli of 3a, Federico Battistini of 4a and Carlotta Beneventi, Nicola Morandi and Anastasia Vitali, who took the final exams in 5a last summer) were assigned "remotely", in compliance with the distancing rules imposed by the fight against Covid-19.
In the Council Chamber, the Mayor of Alto Reno Terme Giuseppe Nanni did the honours, recalling the particular nature of the moment and the uniqueness of an award ceremony that, even without the conviviality of previous years, thrilled everyone taking part, the boys and girls connected online and all those who attended the live Facebook event on the pages of Metalcastello and of the Mayor.

"Congratulations to these boys and girls", declared the Head of the Institute, Luisa Macario,“because they have pursued the values of sacrifice, study and solidarity in an extremely difficult moment. They never gave up”. Concepts that were also expressed by Giovanni Casanova, President of the Alumni Association, who organised the event together with the Deputy Mayor Elena Gaggioli.

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