A significant meeting, that represents an important challenge towards the restart after the delicate and complex period that our Country has faced. It is the one that the deputy mayor of the Metropolitan City of Bologna, Fausto Tinti, had yesterday with the top management of Metalcastello, in the historic company’s headquarter in Castel di Casio. Welcomed by the Managing Director Stefano Scutigliani and his collaborators, as well as by Marco Aldrovandi, Mayor of Castel di Casio, Tinti dwelled on the importance of data exchange and cooperation between the Metropolitan City and the companies, but either between them, more than ever in this moment of restart.

“The period we experienced”, explained Fausto Tinti, among other things Delegate to Economic Development in the metropolitan area of Bologna, “confronts us with a change. In which, to restart on the right foot, we must keep in mind some guidelines. First, we must strive to bring the best talents to our territory, or to keep them close when they are present already. And we must work, as we are doing already, at new business projects, supporting those who are in difficulty.  We are either working with the Diocese of Bologna to safeguard the weaker social classes. This is the first meeting with a relevant local institution, and the first ever in presence. We take this opportunity to launch our project, ClubPRO: a club of entrepreneurs who work together to relaunch the system of investments, in concert with the activity of the Metropolitan City. I would define it an agreement for sustainable development, to ensure that the business system has a panel of advisors who help administrators to take the right choices. We have many ideas and we want to share them with those who do business. We start from Metalcastello with the aim of finding adhesions and cooperation”.

“It is an initiative I appreciate very much”, replied Stefano Scutigliani, Managing Director of Metalcastello, “something truly innovative. We all know that this moment is delicate and tough, but we look forward. We are delighted to adhere to the proposal of the Metropolitan City, because we realize that making networks is needed now more than ever. We have known this for a long time in the Rhine Valley, it is a habit rooted among local entrepreneurs. Honestly, I get emotional when I hear that the Administration considers us “clients”, that they acknowledge our excellences and give us new and different perspectives. It is inspiring. We entrepreneurs don’t hide that we have common problems, that must be solved with immediate and low-cost solutions. ClubPRO project may rise attention on the fact that our business is far from finished, and that in this Country building a future is still possible, by joining forces. We replied present already three years ago, when we joined “Together for the job” project. Today we reaffirm our presence and will to have a direct dialogue with the Metropolitan City, to understand together what issues await us and chose together the best way to solve them”.

In addition to the first citizen of Castel di Casio Marco Aldrovandi, the meeting was attended either by Ambrogio Dionigi and Manuela Bonora, of the Metropolitan City Economic Development Area, and as regards Metalcastello, the Managing Director Scutigliani, Alessandro Fiocchi, Production Manager, and Sauro Elmi, Plant Manager of the company.


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