Significant presence of Metalcastello at the Vicenza Business Cities Festival, an event that since 2008 has been a place of international debate on the key issues of the economy and contemporary society. Stefano Scutigliani, CEO of the company, was one of the speakers at the event on Saturday 23 March, on the topic "The digitalisation of production processes as elements of value creation". Together with him, other CEOs of important business entities were involved in the debate: Luca Businaro of Novation Tech, Bruno Conterno of Nice Footwear and Fabio Valgimigli of Quin, hosted by Corriere della Sera journalist Valentina Iorio.

The topic of the meeting is of considerable relevance: in a historical period characterised by the importance of technology and innovation, the digitalisation of businesses is not only an opportunity, but also a necessity to gain competitiveness, not lose market share and build the foundations of long-term success.

"We must overcome the fear of innovation", began Scutigliani. "We have transformed our company by valuing people, before software. Digitalisation is truly an opportunity, but it lies in our heads, in our ability to invent, in our creativity. In the case of Metalcastello, there are crucial advantages to be exploited: we lie at the centre of MotorValley, everything is within reach, but we must not sit still before this huge possibility, because the business world moves very fast indeed."

The CEO of Metalcastello also clarified his vision on the topic of research and development. "The common feeling is to take things calmly, for fear of squandering economic resources. But this way you miss trains. I am just back from a trip to India where I saw brand-new gigafactories, to which cutting-edge technologies have been applied. We have to keep up and focus on excellence. Change starts from afar, and from ourselves. We must revolutionise our vision of things, and in this we must look to young people with hope: this is the reason why we at Metalcastello have chosen to create technical culture in schools, starting from primary school, also to dispel ancient and outdated prejudices about the concept of the factory, in a world that has been totally changed."

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