The strength of a large group comes from the synergies that it manages to generate even in these delicate and difficult times, marked by a global pandemic that has caused devastating effects on the economy all over the world. "Organi di trasmissione", the only Italian magazine that deals in depth with the issues related to mechanical and electromechanical components for power transmission, highlights this point in an article that speaks well about the group strength that Cie Automotive emanates thanks to the teamwork of Metalcastello and Somaschini, which are not standing still, but planning a future revival.

The article makes particular mention of Metalcastello's purchase of three new Gleason 600 Power Skiving machines, which will bring three immediate advantages: cost reduction in the internal production of gears up to 550 mm in diameter used in planetary transmission gearboxes; an improvement in quality from DIN 9 to DIN 7; and a 75-80% reduction in processing times.

Experience and innovative capacity allow the Cie Automotive Gears Division to maintain its leadership in the sector through the daily work of Metalcastello and Somaschini, which is also recognised by the experts.

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