The Istituto Superiore Montessori-Da Vinci of Porretta Terme does not renounce opening its world to families and students. And this Sunday, 13 December, from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. it will hold its Open Day to present its educational offering for those coming out of lower secondary school. To comply with the anti-Covid 19 rules, it will obviously not be possible to open the doors of the school as in previous years.

But innovative and creative solutions can be found for any problem, even at this difficult time for everyone. In this case, the school has chosen to make a series of videos to talk about the various courses on offer, and to do it in the youngsters' own language. What's more, the classrooms and premises of the IIS Montessori-Da Vinci have been turned into a film set and the students themselves have played the leading roles. The idea was entrusted to the advertising creative Stefano Ginestroni, who proposed these informative videos in a far from traditional way, making them as amusing video clips with the complicity of the kids, under the careful direction of Carlo Furgeri. In line with a long history of collaboration, Metalcastello enthusiastically agreed with and supported the entire project.

“The approach to our Open Day - explains Luisa Macario, Headmistress of the Porretta school complex - is different from previous years, for obvious reasons. But we have chosen to make ourselves known through a project that has attracted huge participation on the part of our students. It was a unifying and deeply felt experience for them. The school has shown resilience by giving a message of continuity and solidity at very difficult time. We are very proud of Metalcastello's support, also because there has been unity of purpose with this company for some time: it is a firm that is open to the future, with a strong presence in the local area even though it operates on an international scale, a firm that understands very well the importance of training young people who will become its strength tomorrow. The collaboration is continuous and it is a mutual stimulus."

“Our future lies in their minds - adds Stefano Scutigliani, CEO of Metalcastello - Making these young people grow in the awareness that the long-term survival of the excellent manufacturing companies that populate this wonderful territory also depends on their intellect, which is an indispensable condition for us to carry on investing in this way. The world has changed, but we parents have remained anchored to a world that no longer exists. Let's help the school to free these kids from the preconceptions that tie them down and we will help companies to grow and develop in the area.”

It is Stefano Ginestroni, creative owner of, who tells us how this project came about and how it was developed: “Essentially, we have created a series of commercials to advertise the various courses offered by the school in a creative and engaging way, looking for a suitable language to capture the attention of youngsters. This is why the protagonists of these videos are the students themselves, actors who are directly involved and having fun. It is a real film production, shot with a small crew due to current limitations, but still made up of a creative director, a film director, a photography director and a sound engineer. A project that was born "traditional" has become a communication tool, and this thanks to the school that approved this type of creative approach, which at times is engagingly irreverent. The kids handled their role as "actors" with great enthusiasm. Metalcastello, which supported the idea, fits into the context in a way that is anything but didactic, paying great attention to the educational work of the school and always staying on the same wavelength."

Below are the links to watch the videos of the Open Day of the IIS Montessori-Da Vinci of Porretta. The password for all of them is: porretta


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