28.03.2024 DIGITALISATION AND DEVELOPMENT: THE SPEECH GIVEN BY CEO SCUTIGLIANI AT THE BUSINESS CITIES FESTIVAL 14.03.2024 METALCASTELLO IS MAKING GIANT STRIDES UP THE RANKING OF THE TOP 500 COMPANIES 26.02.2024 METALCASTELLO REWARDS THE DESIGNERS OF THE FUTURE 15.12.2023 “THEY WILL BE VIRTUOUS”: METALCASTELLO AWARDS PRIZES THE CREATIVITY OF MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS 21.11.2023 METALCASTELLO HAS AWARDED THE MOST DESERVING STUDENTS OF "MONTESSORI-DA VINCI" INSTITUTE OF PORRETTA TERME 18.11.2023 PREVENTION AND WELFARE: FONDAZIONE ANT ITALIA AWARDS PRIZE TO METALCASTELLO 17.10.2023 FORBES INCLUDES METALCASTELLO AMONG ITS "100 EXCELLENT COMPANIES" IN ITALY 15.09.2023 SCUTIGLIANI AT THE FESTA DELL’UNITA' IN BOLOGNA 08.09.2023 METALCASTELLO EXHIBITOR AT FARETE 2023 05.08.2023 METALCASTELLO, PARTNER OF THE PORRETTA SOUL FESTIVAL AGAIN IN 2023 15.06.2023 METALCASTELLO IS ALREADY IN THE FUTURE: A PATH TOWARDS DIGITAL OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE 4.0 07.06.2023 BRETELLA IN THE APPENINES, CONFINDUSTRIA AND CNA DISCUSS THE THEME IN METALCASTELLO'S HEADQUARTER 06.06.2023 USA CONSUL GENERAL VISITS METALCASTELLO 19.04.2023 CONFCOMMERCIO ASCOM AWARDS METALCASTELLO 17.04.2023 REGIONAL COUNCILLOR VINCENZO COLLA VISITS METALCASTELLO 10.03.2023 METALCASTELLO FEATURED AT 2023 EDITION OF TOP 500 08.03.2023 METALCASTELLO WITH FONDAZIONE ANT FOR THE WOMEN IN OUR AREA 06.02.2023 CATERPILLAR'S VICE-PRESIDENT OF PROCUREMENT VISITS METALCASTELLO 12.01.2023 HOW ARE THE APENNINES? CEO SCUTIGLIANI'S ANALYSIS IN AN INTERVIEW FOR THE "RESTO DEL CARLINO” 16.12.2022 SARANNO VIRTUOSI 2022: SCUTIGLIANI, CEO OF METALCASTELLO TO THE STUDENTS: “BE CURIOUS, EXPLORE THE WORLD WITH PASSION” 02.12.2022 GIOVANNI MOLARI, MAGNIFICENT RECTOR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA, VISITS METALCASTELLO'S HEADQUARTERS 26.11.2022 "THANKSGIVING" AT THE LIONS CLUB PORRETTA ALTO RENO: A PARTY OF FRIENDSHIP, CULTURE AND SOLIDARITY 25.11.2022 FONDAZIONE ANT ITALIA AWARDS PRIZE TO METALCASTELLO 22.11.2022 METALCASTELLO AWARDS PRIZES TO THE MOST DESERVING STUDENTS OF THE "MONTESSORI-DA VINCI" HIGH SCHOOL OF PORRETTA TERME 18.11.2022 METALCASTELLO AS PART OF THE PROJECT OF CONFINDUSTRIA EMILIA 19.09.2022 METALCASTELLO EXHIBITOR AT FARETE 2022 21.07.2022 METALCASTELLO EMBRACES THE MUSIC OF THE "PORRETTA SOUL FESTIVAL” 30.06.2022 METALCASTELLO AND "CLUB PRO": IDEAS AND PROPOSALS FOR MOBILITY 14.06.2022 THE CEO OF METALCASTELLO, STEFANO SCUTIGLIANI, IS THE NEW PRESIDENT OF THE MACHINERY SECTOR OF CONFINDUSTRIA EMILIA 31.05.2022 METALCASTELLO 70 YEARS OLD BUT NOT FEELING IT 20.05.2022 A 1975 DEMM MOPED IS REBORN THANKS TO THE STUDENTS OF MONTESSORI-DA VINCI 09.03.2022 METALCASTELLO, WOMEN'S DAY WITH ANT 16.12.2021 “SARANNO VIRTUOSI 2021” WITH METALCASTELLO AND DIRE AGENCY. SCUTIGLIANI TO THE YOUNG: "BE CURIOUS NOW TO SECURE YOUR FUTURE" 25.11.2021 HONORABLE MENTION OF THE ANT FOUNDATION FOR METALCASTELLO, AT THE "EUBIOSIA AWARD" 03.11.2021 AWARDING METALCASTELLO SCHOLARSHIP: AN AWARD TO MERIT 16.09.2021 STEFANO FIOCCHI AND THE SPIRIT OF METALCASTELLO. A BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MASTER DEGREE LOOKING AT THE FUTURE 14.09.2021 METALCASTELLO REWARDS THE CHILDREN OF EMPLOYEES WHO OBTAIN A UNIVERSITY DEGREE 08.09.2021 NEW LAPAROSCOPE AT PORRETTA HOSPITAL: METALCASTELLO SUPPORTS LIONS INITIATIVE. 23.07.2021 APPENNINO BIKE TOUR, METALCASTELLO SUPPORTS THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SMALL MUNICIPALITIES OF ITALY AND THE AREAS HIT BY EARTHQUAKE. 18.03.2021 METALCASTELLO AMONG THE 150 EXCELLENCES OF BOLOGNESE ENTREPRENEURSHIP 08.03.2021 METALCASTELLO AND SOMASCHINI, WOMEN'S DAY WITH ANT 28.01.2021 CIE AUTOMOTIVE GEARS DIVISION: THE STRENGTH OF THE GROUP 11.12.2020 AT IIS MONTESSORI-DA VINCI, THE STUDENTS BECOME ACTORS - METALCASTELLO SUPPORTS THE INSTITUTE'S CREATIVE OPEN DAY 23.11.2020 “SARANNO VIRTUOSI 2020”, METALCASTELLO MEETS THE STUDENTS 16.11.2020 AWARD OF THE METALCASTELLO SCHOLARSHIPS. SCUTIGLIANI: "THESE BOYS AND GIRLS ARE OUR FUTURE" 30.09.2020 A nice place to work. 21.09.2020 METALCASTELLO FOR THE "RESTART": THE COLLABORATION WITH THE UNIVERSITIES OF BOLOGNA AND MODENA/REGGIO CONTINUES 28.07.2020 FAUSTO TINTI, DEPUTY MAYOR OF THE METROPOLITAN CITY BRINGS “ClubPRO” PROJECT AT METALCASTELLO 09.04.2020 METALCASTELLO ON-AIR ON RADIO BOLOGNA UNO 01.04.2020 METALCASTELLO, SOLIDARITY AT THE TIME OF COVID-19 05.12.2019 Metalcastello climbs the Top500 ranking 20.11.2019 Metalcastello provides three scholarships 14.11.2019 METALCASTELLO PARTICIPATES IN THE SME DAY 2019 13.11.2019 METALCASTELLO RECEIVES A MENTION FOR THE SUPPORT OF PREVENTION PROJECTS FROM THE FOUNDATION ANT ITALIA ONLUS 12.11.2019 Metalcastello protagonist of his first METhackathon! 05.11.2019 Metalcastello promotes the event 'Saranno virtuosi - La cultura tecnica che non ti aspetti'. 04.09.2019 Metalcastello and the German crisis. Scutigliani: "If we continue to innovate, the crisis can become an opportunity" 07.08.2019 Metalcastello attends to FARETE 2019 29.07.2019 "We need engineers. And trains to take them to Castel di Casio." 01.07.2019 Metalcastello aims at aerospace sector 21.05.2019 Metalcastello on air on TRC TV 08.05.2019 Metalcastello extends the production site of Castel di Casio 23.04.2019 Metalcastello inside the special dossier about recruitment by il Resto del Carlino 12.04.2019 Stefano Bonaccini visits the plant of Metalcastello at Castel di Casio 04.04.2019 Metalcastello announces the 2018 financial results: another record of turnover and profits for the company based in Bologna 15.03.2019 Metalcastello testimony of excellence in the institutional video "What is the Apennines" 25.02.2019 Metalcastello participates to the CAREER DAY 2019 01.02.2019 Metalcastello in the top companies of QN/il Resto del Carlino 21.01.2019 Metalcastello and Gleason: a winning partnership 06.12.2018 Metalcastello among the Top500 industries in Bologna and province 20.11.2018 Metalcastello receives an Honorable Mention during the Eubiosia Award promoted by the ANT Italia ONLUS Foundation 09.11.2018 Metalcastello to participate in the Mascagni Award 24.10.2018 Metalcastello awards the most deserving students of the Technical Institute “Maria Montessori - Leonardo da Vinci” 08.10.2018 La Repubblica dedicates an article to the "Metalcastello University" 04.09.2018 Metalcastello at FARETE 2018 fair 30.07.2018 Metalcastello sponsors the Alto Appennino Bolognese Rally 2018 06.06.2018 METALCASTELLO awarded for innovation at Smau | R2B Bologna 2018 04.06.2018 Metalcastello in the news for its role as an industry leader 01.06.2018 Stefano Scutigliani among the delegates of the new Machinery chain of Confindustria Emilia 14.05.2018 The new website of Metalcastello is now online complete with a restricted area dedicated to corporate stakeholders 11.04.2018 Metalcastello announces the financial results for 2017: new record of turnover for the company based in Bologna 31.03.2018 Metalcastello on the front line to improve services and infrastructures in the Alta Valle del Reno area 22.03.2018 Mascagni's Award: the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino talks about Metalcastello 06.03.2018 Metalcastello together with ANT for the prevention of breast cancer 19.02.2018 Metalcastello to meet young people at CAREER DAY 2018 15.12.2017 Metalcastello presents the book “Metalcastello University” in order to celebrate 65 years of success 10.12.2017 Metalcastello in the Top 500 list of the companies based in Bologna 20.11.2017 Metalcastello at the Eubiosia Award Event by ANT 11.10.2017 Metalcastello to discuss welfare at the XI edition of the “Giornate Studio del Corno alle Scale” 06.10.2017 Metalcastello among the leading companies of “Insieme per il lavoro” 21.09.2017 Metalcastello at Gear Expo 2017 17.07.2017 METALCASTELLO CONTINUES TO GROW UP AND TO HIRE AGAIN 06.07.2017 METALCASTELLO SELECTED AMONG THE 40 ITALIAN EXCELLENCES FOR ECONOMIC RECOVERY 04.07.2017 METALCASTELLO WITH CIE AUTOMOTIVE FOR A GLOBAL PRESENCE 09.06.2017 G7 ENVIRONMENT: "SIGNING OF THE BOLOGNA CHARTER" 14.05.2017 METALCASTELLO CELEBRATES ITS 65 YEARS IN BUSINESS 16.04.2017 METALCASTELLO ON "VOCI DI IMPRESA" 07.04.2017 MANAGEMENT METALCASTELLO PARTICIPATES AT ACADEMY INDUSTRY 4.0 28.03.2017 METALCASTELLO LOOKS AFTER THE HEALTH OF ITS EMPLOYEES 13.03.2017 METALCASTELLO ANNOUNCES THE 2016 RESULTS 07.03.2017 METALCASTELLO WITH ANT FOR THE PREVENTION OF BREAST CANCER 06.03.2017 THE FACTORY OF ENGINEERS: "WE WILL CONTINUE TO HIRE" 01.03.2017 "TECHNICAL EDUCATION: THE CHOICE I WOULD MAKE AGAIN": THE PROJECT OF UNINDUSTRY BOLOGNA 27.02.2017 Metalcastello looking for young talents at CAREER DAY 2017 23.02.2017 New opportunities for schoolchildren in Metalcastello 05.02.2017 We can't find technicians 27.11.2016 METALCASTELLO TAKES PART IN TECHNICAL CULTURE DAY 14.11.2016 NEW DEGREE COURSE IN MECHATRONICS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA 21.07.2016 MEETING WITH INSTITUTIONS TO SUPPORT THE EXCELLENCE OF THE UPPER RENO VALLEY. 17.03.2016 METALCASTELLO UNIVERSITY: THE COMPANY TAKES THE FIELD TO TRAIN FUTURE TECHNICIANS. 26.01.2016 METALCASTELLO BEATS THE CRISIS AND RESTARTS FROM CASTEL DI CASIO

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